To consider the role of arts and culture in the transformations undergone by urban spaces; to conceptualize the space these might occupy in urban futures.

To investigate the formal and informal ways in which these are understood, valued and supported at a local and supra-local scale; to annalyse how arts and culture relate, reveal or address social and urban inequalities.

To examine cultural perceptions of cities across the globe, and the way in which these are promoted by film, television and other screen media.

Relevant fields: cinema and the city, media and the city, urban screen geographies, Culture and urban planning; Creativity and the city vs. the ‘Creative City’; Cultural value and critical evaluation practices; Placemaking, regeneration, gentrification; Inequality, representation and belonging; Commoning and urban governance;

Context of current research: Europe; case studies include Lisbon, Bologna, Skopje

Members: Mariana Liz, Mafalda Nunes, Chiara Pussetti