To explore how policy and practice can address issues of housing shortage and affordability.

To foster more engagement with the local communities, and productive engagement amongst all actors involved in planning housing, with special attention to those whose voice is poorly represented, to contribute to a more effective and socially aware public policy research.

Housing politics. To understand the role of political processes, conflict and activist organisation in influencing and shaping housing policies and systems.

Housing affordability. To examine process and conditions that govern the continuity, dissolution or change of structures and practices of housing provision for low- and middle-income groups. To critically compare the policy instruments that have been used to increase the supply of ‘affordable’ housing in different countries and local authorities.

Housing demography. To explore the interconnections between population and housing. To study the link between life course and housing career. To examine the interactions between household types, dwelling types and space.

Relevant fields: welfare state regimes, housing systems, family dynamics, urban politics.

Context of current research: Southern Europe, Denmark, England.

Members: Marco Allegra, Sonia Alves, Alda Azevedo, Simone Tulumello, Roberto Falanga