Hub members Jieling Liu (ed.), Luisa Schmidt (ed.) and Olivia Bina have contributed to a new report on Addressing the Nexus Challenge of Climate Change, Human Health and Urban Sustainability. The study, published on ICS-ULisboa’s series Estudos e Relatórios and available here, summarises the core discussion points and essential outcomes of an Expert Meeting, which took place at the Portuguese Academy of Sciences during 19-20 September 2018.

The Lisbon Expert Meeting was an in-depth inquiry of 15 internationally-known scientists and policy experts on the complex interconnection of uncertain climate change impacts, urban health, and well-being problems and sustainable development, as well as on adaptation strategies and challenges. The meeting report contains three parts: 1) general framing of contexts, 2) review of climate change-health policies, and 3) systems sciences unraveling the nexus between climate change and health, and proposed  science policy pathways.