What makes urban life worth living? (Re)evaluating the value of urban life

25 MAY, ISCTE (Auditório Silva Leal, Ala Autónoma)
10.00 Meet up and coffee
10.30-13.00: 1st Session – Urban Theory 
Moderated by Andrea Pavoni
J. S. Biehl, The Promise of the City
M. Counihan & L. Higgins, Close encounters of the urban kind
N. Conceição, The city as a common world and intimacy as a space of unresolved tensions
A.Vanolo, The boring city
V. Rizov, What Makes it a Lived Space
14.00-16.00: 2nd Session – Urban Struggles 
Moderated by Guya Accornero
E. Dessie, The bearability of the city through the village
A. Standring, Morals and Urban Crisis
S. van Lanen and P. de Matos, Struggles over needs and aspirations: debating a social reproduction framework for investigating urban live and livelihoods
Coffee break 
16.15-18.15: 3rd Session – Urban Culture 
Moderated by Ricardo Campos
A. Cravinho and Teresa M. da Silva, Public Space – Challenges of Contemporaneity
M. A. Gato, Reputation, centrality and other valorisations for urban life and spaces
C. Mateus and F. Olival, Prefigurative urban practices: proposing socioeconomic values beyond the market
H. A. Reis, Cultural resilience and tenacity

26 MAY, ICS (Sala Maria de Sousa)
10.30-12.45 Micro-workshop with Irene Peano, Ana Rita Alves e Simone Frangella, Thinking and living through the surrounds: Liminalities and extensions beyond inhabitability
13.45-16.00 Micro-workshop with Erik Bordeleau, The Derivative City
Coffee break
16.15 – 19.00 Walk Olaias-Marvila

The workshop is free, but you need to register at this link.

Workshop organized by Andrea Pavoni (Dinamia’CET, ISCTE) and Lavínia Pereira (ICS-ULisboa), with the support of the UTH – Urban Transition Hub; Project UrbanoScenes [FCT – PTDC/GES-URB/1053/2021]; Dinamia’CET – IUL (‘Integrating thematic line: Creative and Participative lives in empowered societies’, coord. Alexandra Saraiva and Andrea Pavoni)